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Characteristics and features to look out for to help identify the difference between male and female toulouse geese. Look at the size of the birds within the group (the males are generally bigger) if the geese get into a huddle, its more than likely that it will be the ganders on the outside of the group. Is there anyway to tell if they are male or female wo having them sexed? They are both loud. One is a lot more stocky and has been since it was little and has a white tip on its beak. Geese can bond with other species of animals if they are around them a lot. In particular, if there arent other geese around their instinct to flock will drive them to bond with other animals. Another situation that can occur is a low-ranked gander may choose to bond with other animals because he doesnt have any geese to mate with (the higher-ranked ganders have claimed all the females). Geese are not as easy to sex as ducks, where the quack is the instant giveaway. New owners often cannot tell their geese apart and a pair of perfectly happy young birds can turn out to be the same sex by spring. Weve heard tales of the faithful gander sitting side by side with the goose on a nest of infertile eggs belonging to the two females of course. I bought a couple of young toulouse geese earlier in the year at a sale simply because i found them attractive--they are now very big geese and im hoping they are a pair and will breed next year.   geese are mature at 7 months and this is the best time to identify the sex of the bird, according to the department of primary industries. A team of people is recommended, one to hold the bird and one to gently push the gooses tail toward the head while pressing without force on the abdomen to coax the bird into relaxing and exposing the vent.   you dont need to turn your geese upside down to sex them -- there are clear differences in appearance and behaviour which will help you work our which is ma.   this metzer farms video shows you how to determine the sex of day old ducklings and goslings by vent sexing and down color in certain breeds. If the goose is grown it may take two people to hold it in position and turn the vent inside out, but it is a foolproof way to sex geese. If you do not have a small speculum, use a rubber glove and a bit of ky jelly on your finger. Originally i wanted sebastapols but these 2 babies came to the feed mill unwanted so i took them.

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