Same sex marriage yes or no

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Same sex marriage yes or no

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same sex marriage yes or no

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They believe that same-sex marriages should be given all the same legal benefits that opposite-sex marriages are, and that same-sex marriage should be legalized throughout the nation. However, the democratic party, as announced in their 2004 platform, supports the right of states to individually legalize or not legalize gay marriage. Read the republican platform on same-sex marriage, guns and wall street scenes from the floor of the 2016 republican national convention on monday, july 18,.   the republican party platform for 2020 will be unchanged from the 2016 election, and its official opposition to same-sex marriage will remain.   notably, the brief makes no mention of trump supporting same-sex marriage, which white house officials say is the case after he said in 2016 hes fine with the supreme court ruling in.   as such, the republican platform will continue to oppose same-sex marriage and the expansion of civil rights for sexual orientation and gender. Democratic views on all things social are in general mostly legalistic, whereas republican views on all things social are mostly moralistic. Same-sex marriage is becoming increasingly important in america. The up-and-coming voters put a good deal of weight on the issue, making it a topic that could make or break elections in the coming years. Democratic views on gay marriage support full equality under the law for same-sex couples. The republican party is generally associated with social conservative policies, although it does have dissenting centrist and libertarian factions. The social conservatives want laws that uphold their traditional values, such as opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion, and marijuana. Most conservative republicans also oppose gun control, affirmative action, and illegal immigration. As the us supreme court prepares to weigh the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, republican presidential contenders insist they have no problem with gay couples they just dont support.

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